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Basement Upgrade

This year it's time to give a little extra love to one of the most frequently overlooked parts of any home: the basement. Our real estate agents have represented homes with all kinds of basements over the years, and in that time, they've noticed some sure-fire ways to make this unassuming room stand out. Here are five things you can do to bring your basement out of the shadows and help it shine. 

  1. Showcase Your Stairs
    Your stairs are the basement's first chance to make an impression. By making the stairs a little flashier, you can make the whole room stand out much more. 

    If you have a lot of free wall space in your staircase, consider adding wall art, glass panels, mirrors, or some other decorations that will make the space more visually interesting. You can also try things like adding patterned carpet or a fancy handrail to the stairs themselves. 

  2. Refresh Your Lighting
    Basements get very little natural light, so it's up to you to make up for the lack of sun. You'll need good illumination to work or play in such a dark place. 

    Try adding some bright lamps or hanging lights to the space to make it feel more open and hospitable. Pendant lights look great hanging over focal points like a table or bar. Consider using dimmable lights. Also, make sure that places you use often have a strong light source nearby that you can use if you need it, such as a table lamp. 

  3. Give Your Windows a Glow-Up
    There's something about the small, high windows of your typical basement that can make these rooms feel strangely separate from the rest of the building. 

    To fix this, try dressing up your basement windows with some stylish trim, decorative cornices, or elegant curtains. This makes them feel more like the windows in any other part of your home and can go a long way toward making that space feel more appealing as a result. 

  4. Add Some Storage Solutions
    Because basements are out of the way, they tend to attract a lot of clutter from other areas of the house. 

    Give yourself a better place to put all those books, board games, art projects, and other miscellanea by installing some stylish shelves or cabinets. This allows you to keep those items out of the way without needing to throw them out. It also frees up a whole new part of your home for you to enjoy. 

  5. Add New Functions to the Space
    Your basement doesn't have to be a generic room with no real purpose. It's a full floor of your home – make that space count! 

    If you have a guest bedroom in your basement, consider adding a bathroom and kitchenette to make it a full basement apartment. If you enjoy playing pool, turn your basement into a full billiard room and bar where you can spend your evenings with friends. Love movies? Create your own home theater with a big-screen TV, a surround sound system, and some luxury recliners. 

If your current basement just doesn't fit into your vision for your dream home, these changes might help bring it closer to that goal. If it's still falling short of that ideal, though, maybe a whole home upgrade is in order. Contact us today and let our team help you find a property that offers everything you want in your dream residence - right down to the basement. Our team can help you search Appleton homes for sale and surrounding areas all throughout Wisconsin!

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